Surrender as a Practice

“I used to try to be smart and now I don’t and everything works a whole lot better. Stopping being smart was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.” — Jed McKenna


After years of listening to my intuition on and off, and years of trying to explain to logical, rational people why I’ve made the decisions I’ve made and done the things I’ve done, I realize now more than ever that when I go with the flow things always happen the way they are meant to. (I could also point out that even when I don’t go with the flow things happen the way they are meant to, but I experience more pain out of my resistance to what is.)

It feels awkward for me to let go of the reins. Like most humans, I like to feel in control and to know how things are going to end. But I also see the power in letting life flow through me, similar to floating with the current instead of fighting it. My ego jumps to attention as I write that with its reply — “But you’ll DIE!” That is what I am working with — an ego that fears its death. My ego feels good when it feels secure and surrendering control makes my ego freak the fuck out. But I am willing to live with that. I do not believe that I am just my body. I am grateful for my body that allows me  to play in this world. But I am bigger than my body. I am bigger than my ego. I am bigger than my mind. And I surrender. I surrender the need to control what happens to me. I turn the reins over to the infinite part of myself that has chosen to be embodied though me. I accept that anything can happen. I accept that I will feel pain, fear, anger, sadness, joy, love, uncertainty. I know that it is all temporary though. My infinite self will survive it all, no matter how bad it seems in a certain moment.  May I come back to this truth as often as I need to.

A Message for You

You never know when your time in this life and in this body will end.   With that in mind, I wanted to share some words with you. In doing so, perhaps you will be reminded about how wonderful and beautiful and complete you are right now. Perhaps you will realize that there is nothing to fear ...

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Evil Thoughts About Yourself

Today one of my recurring issues reared its ugly head -- the feeling of being unworthy/worthless/not valuable. What brought it on was a trivial event. But my overly strong reaction showed that something deeper was going on that I needed to work through. My old and familiar demons had risen to the surface of my ...

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Pain Is a Gift

Everything that happens to you in this life is there to serve you in some way. This can be hard to believe at times when we feel sick, worried, stressed, angry, or frustrated, but it is true. On the other side of those emotions is a lesson or insight waiting for you to allow it ...

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Letting Go: Floating Down the River

I float along. Flowing with the river. At times I see a bank that I'd like to visit. Sometimes I leisurely paddle over to it. Other times I dream of what it would be like to experience that land. Yet other times still I lie awake at night, my mind racing, obsessed with thoughts of life ...

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Let Go of “The Rules”

Dear Meghan, Nowadays it seems like you can find information on "the right way" or "the rules" for just about anything. Part of letting go is the act of letting go of all the rules that you've learned over time. This sounds quite simple but it is actually quite challenging. Because one of the first things ...

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The Misconception That You Should Be Doing Something With Your Life

It seems like most people will encourage you to "Do Something" with your life. And by saying that they mean that you should "apply yourself"  or "push yourself" to improve in some outwardly noticeable way. But when you are working to make more money, get more cool stuff, lose weight, or are focused on other ...

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Does Following Your Bliss Require Quitting Your Job?

After reading my last post, you might think that I am encouraging you to quit your job and go to the beach for the rest of your life. (If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link) And to be honest sitting on the beach with your feet in the warm sand, ...

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What should I do with my life? Moving from Ambition to Meaning

There comes a point in life when you look at where you’ve come from. You see your years littered with schooling, deadlines, stress and anxiety. You see yourself hunched over your desk late at night in your office when everyone else seems to have gone home and you are grinding out another hour or two ...

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Can I Really Follow My Bliss? Many Will Say No

You may be drawn to the idea of doing what you want with your life. You may feel compelled to make this a reality. But many of us still have the habit of asking our loved ones and mentors for feedback on whether or not this is possible. The answer you will likely hear most ...

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