Can I Really Follow My Bliss? Many Will Say No

You may be drawn to the idea of doing what you want with your life. You may feel compelled to make this a reality. But many of us still have the habit of asking our loved ones and mentors for feedback on whether or not this is possible. The answer you will likely hear most is “No.” (It won’t work. Get real. How will you pay your bills? Are you going to throw away your college education/your career?)

This is a really important stage that I think all dreamers go through. You finally are in touch with what you want to do, and then you share your idea/plan with someone who you trust. And then they stomp on your idea. They tell you it will never work unless you do it a special way that is actually totally different from the plan you had outlined. They tell you that it isn’t practical and you won’t make any money and you need money to survive so you better just go back to the drawing board. Or they tell you to just do a 9-5 jon and then follow your passion on nights and weekends. Ouch.

The reason this step is important is that it allows you to tune into what really matters to you. And it enables you to face your loved ones and let them know that while you appreciate their concern, you trust that you are in the perfect place on your journey, however goofy and slow-progressing it may seem to them. You may not know where this road leads, but you know that you are enjoying the scenery and the journey. It will feel great to assert your independence and the fact that you are following your bliss.

So while your parents, significant other, friends, or co-workers might say that it isn’t possible to follow your bliss and earn any money from it, I am holding the space for you to do exactly that. It can’t hurt to do what you love and be true to yourself. At the very least, you will likely inspire someone else to try it too.


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