Let Go of “The Rules”

Dear Meghan,

Nowadays it seems like you can find information on “the right way” or “the rules” for just about anything. Part of letting go is the act of letting go of all the rules that you’ve learned over time. This sounds quite simple but it is actually quite challenging. Because one of the first things we learned is that there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. So we’re constantly trying to figure out what the right way of doing anything is, including finding the truth of our nature, or enlightenment.

The problem with looking for the “right way” to do something is that we’re looking outside of ourselves. Anytime you look outside of yourself for answers you’re moving further away from your truth.

Like I said it’s not easy to let go of the idea that there is a right or wrong way of doing something. In fact most coaches, mentors, and gurus make a living by telling you that there is a best way to do something. Today I realized that I have been holding onto four filing cabinets full of notes on the “best” way to do things. I was saving those notes for an unknown future point in time when I might need to know that information. But as I was meditating today I remembered that infinite wisdom is at my disposal in every moment. How could another person tell me what was right for me? It is when I am connected to Source that the perfect answer arises from within me. This is not just true for me but for everyone. I’m convinced that the key to peace, happiness, and joy is the ability to connect with your inner wisdom and to do exactly what is right for you on your path and on your journey in this life.

While other people may give us inspiration or encouragement on our path, I do not believe that we need to look outside of ourselves for insight into the “how” of what needs to be done in our lives. This doesn’t mean that you can never go to school or take a class or receive coaching or guidance, but it is a caution to not hold that information, training, or guidance as more sacred than your own inner knowing. You always know in your heart what you need to do. Your work is to let go of all the beliefs and obstacles that hold you back from doing what you know you need to do.

Because no matter how much information you take from the expert sources or well-meaning friends and family members constantly telling you what to do, the most important thing that you can do on your journey is to tune into your own intuition, which will always guide you back to your inner truth. Moment to moment, the infinite wisdom of the universe is at your disposal. It is up to you whether or not you will tune in to access it, and whether or not you will be free enough to follow the guidance you are given.

Love to you,


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