Pain Is a Gift

Everything that happens to you in this life is there to serve you in some way. This can be hard to believe at times when we feel sick, worried, stressed, angry, or frustrated, but it is true. On the other side of those emotions is a lesson or insight waiting for you to allow it to speak. If you allow yourself to slow down and listen, then the wisdom within you will bubble up and guide you to a life with more peace, joy, harmony, and freedom.

What do I mean by this? Oftentimes these seemingly negative emotions or pains in our body are actually clues. The pain or frustration is a signal that we are no longer living in a way that serves us in the highest form. It is a signal that it is time to move on, even if we don’t want to or weren’t planning to do so anytime soon.

Your emotions are powerful signals that guide you on your journey. By allowing your emotions to fully express themselves and flow, you are giving yourself permission to embrace all that life has to offer you. This isn’t possible when you ignore your emotions by stuffing them deep down with food, fake smiles, drinking, drugs, exercise, travel, tv, or other distractions. Ignoring your emotions or body pains and the signals they are giving you will do two things:

  1. You will feel a temporary sense of comfort and security knowing that you don’t have to face the truth of your nature and the truth about what is next on your journey.
  2. The message will continue to come back, louder and louder, until you choose to acknowledge it, accept it, make peace with it, and move forward.

What message have you been ignoring in your life? What have you been putting up with that you are ready to change? How can you embrace the pain, stress, anger, sadness, and annoyances in your life so that you can finally get to the peace, joy, harmony, and freedom that is waiting on the other side?



One Response to Pain Is a Gift
  1. Gina Hiatt
    August 23, 2013 | 9:51 am

    Meghan, this is so true. I’ve been amazed to learn in the past couple of years how much I try to make emotions go away, as if I could close my eyes and hold my breath until I turn blue and Shazam!, they’re gone. It’s actually less painful to feel them and just notice it in your body and let your thoughts flow on, noticing as it changes. Who knew how much power there is in letting go?
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