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Evil Thoughts About Yourself

Today one of my recurring issues reared its ugly head -- the feeling of being unworthy/worthless/not valuable. What brought it on was a trivial event. But my overly strong reaction showed that something deeper was going on that I needed to work through. My old and familiar demons had risen to the surface of my ...

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Letting Go: Floating Down the River

I float along. Flowing with the river. At times I see a bank that I'd like to visit. Sometimes I leisurely paddle over to it. Other times I dream of what it would be like to experience that land. Yet other times still I lie awake at night, my mind racing, obsessed with thoughts of life ...

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Let Go of “The Rules”

Dear Meghan, Nowadays it seems like you can find information on "the right way" or "the rules" for just about anything. Part of letting go is the act of letting go of all the rules that you've learned over time. This sounds quite simple but it is actually quite challenging. Because one of the first things ...

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