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Pain Is a Gift

Everything that happens to you in this life is there to serve you in some way. This can be hard to believe at times when we feel sick, worried, stressed, angry, or frustrated, but it is true. On the other side of those emotions is a lesson or insight waiting for you to allow it ...

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Life as a Baby – Surrender as a Spiritual Practice

Some of the greatest lessons of my life have come through the process of surrender. After 2 years of infertility, I finally got pregnant after letting go of the idea that it would ever happen. And giving birth to my daughter did not happen the way I had planned either (C-section due to a breech ...

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Spiritual Growth: Doing What I Want

I've wanted to write about spiritual growth for a long time. But a little voice in my head would always yell, "Who cares what you have to say about anything like that? What do you know?" And now I see that I know Nothing. So I might as well do what I want and write about what ...

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